The Boyfriend of the Week

June 7, 1999

A week or two ago, a couple of ladies I know came up to me (separately) and said something along the lines of "Hey, you know who you should put on your web site? David Strathairn!" They'd each seen his new movie, see, (John Sayles' "Limbo"), and said David was FANtastic. Fantastic and also very, very cute.

My first response was "Who the heck is David Strathairn?" and my second response was to forget all about it. Until last Friday, when the first review of Limbo hit the papers. With a photo, voila, of David Strathairn.

Oh! THAT guy!

Of course, unless you never watch movies at all ever, you recognize him too. He's been in about a bazillion films, covering just about every genre out there. David's sort of an actor/chameleon. He blends so well into every role the he's sort of hard to notice. Know what I mean? I've probably seen two dozen of his films and every time, I'm sure I've thought, "Oh, there's that guy! I LOVE that guy!" But then I'm sucked into the movie and I forget to make further note of his existence.

Well, shame on me! What this says about David, of course, is that he's a terrific actor. However, I should not neglect to mention his other fine features. For example, I think he probably defines the phrase "rugged good looks." I mean, as much as anybody who isn't MacGyver can, that is. And there's something about his voice that I find particularly seductive. Smart and seductive. And gentle and sweet and maybe a little bit sad.

He's played all kinds of characters (a priest, a dad, a sleazy high-class pimp, etc. etc.) and played them all so well, as I mentioned earlier, that it's sometimes hard to remember that's DAVID up there and not just a priest, a dad, or a sleazy high-class pimp. At the same time, his characters all have a similiar feel to them. This suggests to me that the feel isn't actually coming from the scripts, but from David himself. It's a good feel too -- intelligent but relatively harmless. Even when he's not playing a "good" guy, he's not really a totally bad one either. I can't explain it. But it's nice to have a boyfriend who sort of seems like a safe kind of person. No surprises. Calm. Ahhhhh.

Anyway, his new movie is supposed to be terrific. I'm planning on seeing it, though I may have to wait for video. I mean, jeez, I still haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet! I'm really going to have to rethink my priorities. . .David Strathairn is worth $7.50, though, so if I do wait for video, I'll have to be sure to rent it twice. In the meantime, I may go rent a few old favorites. It's been a long time since I've seen him and I miss him! Recommendations: The River Wild, In the Gloaming, Simon Birch, L.A. Confidential, Passion Fish, oh heck, they're all good! Go to the IMDB page for Davey and just pick a few at random! Ya can't go wrong!

MacGyver Factor Score: 99.6%. As I said earlier, Dave is right on up there in the list of names under the entry for "rugged good looks." This is not nothing in my world. Outdoorsy boys are very very nice to have around. Especially if they have pocket knives. And theme songs. And names starting with "Mac" and ending with "Gyver." Alas, I digress. David gets a high score for versatility and stability -- two qualities that seem incompatible but which actually go together quite well. Um, he also gets a high score for having very attractive stubble.

Addendum: I was just at a web site about the new John Sayles movie and, though it was all in French, I SWEAR TO GOD it said David Strathairn has a diploma from Ringling Brothers Clown College ("diplome du Ringling Brothers Clown College"). I just added 0.4 points to his score.

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