The Boyfriend of the Week

May 25, 1999

This week's Boyfriend is one I can't quite understand my attraction to. But omigod, am I attracted! The problem is, the only movies I've seen Edward Norton in are ones in which he plays honest-to-god BAD GUYS. Although, now that I think of it, he also plays really nice guys too -- at the same time, in the same movie. It's kind of weird if you really think about it.

The first movie I ever saw him in (to my knowledge) was Primal Fear. Woo! That's a good one! In it, Edward plays a boy arrested for murder. He seems like a big ol' sweetie -- cute little stutter, very nervous and Southern-mannered. Just adorable. And pathetic. A total underdog. BUT, he's got a split-personality! The other side of him is a crazy, mean, and violent creepazoid. Yikes, I said, the first time I saw this other side. This is not a man I ever want to encounter on a bad day.

The next movie I saw with Edward Norton, I saw just last week. It, too, was really terrific. In American History X, Norton plays a skinhead who lands himself in jail after really viciously murdering two black men who smash up his car. He's got a huge swastika tattooed on his chest, the look of a really mean dude, and an attitude that no mother could be proud of. However, when he gets out of jail three years later (after befriending a black man inside prison, who, ironically, is serving SIX years for stealing a tv set (as opposed to Norton's three for killing two people)), he's a new man. He's seen the light, so to speak, and has emerged from hard-time with a new attitude.

Now, the thing is, Edward Norton has demonstrated quite clearly that when riled, he can be a very scary man. I mean, he does Scary extremely well. Which's gotta make you a little nervous, because just HOW is he doing that so well if not by pulling it up from somewhere inside him. Right? However, as I've admitted in the past, there's something to be said for a man who has an edge to him. I'm attracted to the bad ones just as easily as I'm attracted to the good ones. It doesn't make any sense, but there it is.

Plus, I remember reading an interview with him shortly after AHX came out in which he mentioned how difficult the role had been for him. That's gotta stand for something. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have pretended to be a hate-filled racist murderer easily either. And good of him to mention it wasn't easy -- that helped ease my somewhat-troubled mind. I mean, it was better than him saying, "Yeah, I really got into that role, you know?" That'd mean I could NEVER make him a Boyfriend (no rascists!) and I really want to!

I hear Norton was also excellent in "Everyone Says I Love You," which I tried to watch once and gave up on after the second song. I like everybody in it, but you either love Woody Allen movies or you hate them -- and I pretty much hate them (with a few notable exceptions). It'd sure be nice seeing him play a romantic nice guy for a change, though. I may give it another try in the future.

Anyway, Edward Norton's right up there on my list of "Really Talented Young Actors" -- it seems pretty obvious given the way he has so readily convinced me when playing "good" and then so readily also convinced me when playing "evil." He's got a lot of talent, and the cute booty to match. What more could a girl hope for?

Seen any other Edward Norton movies you think I should watch? Email me!

MacGyver Factor Score: 91.7. My GOD, he's good looking. But I've seen those big biceps used for hurting too often to really trust him to be a super nice guy. While I'll drool over the bad boys from afar, they actually make me a little nervous in reality. I just need some more exposure of his good side, people! If I change my mind on this after seeing something, I'll let you know (and raise his score). But until then, points off!

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