The Boyfriend of the Week

August 30, 1999

This week's Boyfriend comes to you courtesy of a fan who was kind enough to point him out to me. Now, I actually get a lot of mail from fans with suggestions and I swear to you all, I take them all seriously and save the suggestions in a list which I refer to from time to time when I'm stuck for ideas.

However, Mary sent me email about Eric Schweig at exactly the perfect moment -- I was at work and I was looking for ANY excuse to goof around. So I checked out the web site she suggested and recognized him immediately. I've only seen two things he's been in, "The Last of the Mohicans," which I don't remember much about, AND the pilot episode of "Due South," which I've seen a zillion times and remember completely.

So, there's a point for Eric right there -- he was in close proximity with the second in command around here (Constable Fraser, second only to MacGyver). And he's Canadian. Woo!

But what most of you probably AREN'T aware of is that Eric Schweig isn't just an actor -- in fact, from what I've read about him on the web, he's far more internationally famous for his artwork. He makes masks, traditional Native American-type masks. And from the few photos I've seen of his work, he's truly gifted. I love Native American artwork and actually had a grandfather who was very active in the Native American cultural community, so I know of what I speak. Though, really, since taste is all relevant, I'd know of what I spoke whether or not I had any kind of qualifications, but that's neither here nor there. He does beautiful work, folks. Click here to see some samples!

As for his acting ability, he seems pretty good to me. I should rent "Last of the Mohicans" again and watch for him, because I spent most of my viewing time the first go around thinking about how cute Daniel Day Lewis was. Damn my single-mindedness!

Anyway, Eric's a pretty cool guy, and even though you don't remember him from any of his movies either, the least you can do is file his name away somewhere in your brain and dig it out next time you're at a cocktail party and need a good cultural conversation starter. "So, seen Schweig's work yet? Oh, uh huh. Not into fabulous art, I guess. Your loss," you can say smugly. "Pass the li'l smokies, wouldja?"

MacGyver Factor Score: 89.9%. Points off for not getting me the Constable's autograph.

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