The Boyfriend of the Week

October 18, 1999

The first time I saw this week's Boyfriend on ER this season, I was absolutely disGUSTED.

That's because it was so bloody obvious that they were trying to replace one pretty face (George Clooney) with another (Goran Visnjic). Oh right, like I'm going to fall for that! Like I can just instantaneously let go of Dr. Ross just because they've brought this messy-haired, tall, dark, and, oh dear, is that a crooked smile? Eek! And a foreign accent?!

Well, hell, people. I was doomed from the start.

Yes, I was sad to see George Clooney go, even though I swear to god I was really and truly NOT attracted to him (he did have kind of a cute grin, though). So I gotta say, Goran Visnjic is a mighty fine substitute. In fact, he might even be even BETTER, though I won't say that officially until at least mid-season. Goran plays Dr. Luka Kovac, a kind of floater who's only at the ER because Dr. Ross is gone and they haven't hired an official replacement yet. However, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I seriously doubt he'll be sent back to the doctor pool anytime soon. Would the producers of ER really dangle this guy in front of us only to yank him away again? As if they'd be able to find somebody better! Goran Visnjic is a dream in the flesh! And Dr. Kovac is a sweet, level-headed kind of doctor -- a breath of fresh air considering the fact they're making Rocket Romano a more regular cast-member. (Cannot STAND that guy!)

If you don't watch ER, forgive me for going on. I can't get enough of it, personally. But you can still see Goran, even if you refuse to suspend enough disbelief to enjoy ER. He's made a few movies you can get here in America, like "The Peacemaker" (with, well whaddaya know, GEORGE CLOONEY) and "Welcome to Sarajevo" (wonderful). Or you can go to Goran's home country (Croatia) and ask his war buddies about him (Goran served for 2-plus years during the Bosnian War).

Either way, you'll have to admit that he is extremely nice to look at. And if you think that's good, you ought to hear him TALK. Croatia may or may not be considered an "Eastern European" county (it's more southern-middle-Europe) and the official language (Croatian, duh) may use a Latin alphabet, but you add in all those z's and j's and you end up with something that sounds a lot like Czech to me. And, as my closest friends are aware, Eastern European accents make me weak in the knees.

And don't even TALK to me about Russian. You remember how Gomez Addams used to go NUTS whenever Morticia spoke French? That's NUTHIN' compared to what happens to me when my boyfriend speaks Russian. Whew! We have got to stop talking about this now! Now! Now!

Anyway, the bad news is that Goran is married. But the good news is he's a swimmer, which means we have something major in common. The other bit of good news is that he lives in Los Angeles now. I hate flying, first of all, but I'm also not keen on travelling in war-torn countries. And, while some of you might argue there isn't much of a difference between a war-torn European nation and LA, I'm going to beg to differ anyway. At least I don't need to pose for a passport photo to get there!

ER is on NBC Thursday nights at 10pm. I'm saying that for the few fans of mine who live under rocks or on other planets. To see what your other Goran-viewing options are, check out his IMDB page (you may thank me now for saving you the trouble of having to remember how to spell his last name).

MacGyver Factor Score: 99.2%. I DID mention the accent didn't I?

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