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September 26, 2002

You know how there have been a lot of Boyfriends who have made me all swoony because they have that little bad side to them? That devious twinkle in their eyes? That bad cop attitude? They have that little bit of arrogance that makes you feel incredible for having been chosen, despite the fact you know they are just going to use you and then dump you? That heartbreaker thing? That agony? The kind of man you know your mother would hate, but which you cannot resist nonetheless? Ugh, ugh, the men that torture you, that you LET torture you, even though you are smart enough to know better?

Jim Caviezel is not one of those Boyfriends.

And I have to tell you, it's pretty damn refreshing. Because not only is Jim nearly always a good guy in the movies (even his bad guys have good reasons behind their bad choices), he's actually a good guy in real life. In fact, I'm almost tempted to describe him as "goody two-shoes," except that has such a negative connotation these days. But this, my friends, this is a man who refuses to do sex scenes in movies because he has so much "respect" for his wife. And because he's a devout Catholic raising his kids to believe that sex is something saved for marriage and he doesn't want to confuse them by saying one thing at home and doing another on film.

Let me repeat that just to make sure you truly understood: This is a man who RESPECTS HIS WIFE TOO MUCH TO BE WILLING TO LOOK AT ASHLEY JUDD'S BOOBS. Ladies, I'm married myself, and I'm also a heterosexual woman, and additionally, I feel like I have a pretty good moral compass. But even *I* would not turn down the chance to see Ashley Judd's boobs. Even I wouldn't be able to say no to that. Is that not just the sweetest little thang you've ever heard about a Boyfriend? I can't remember the last time I was so impressed (whilst at the same time so thoroughly convinced the man is nuts).

And, as if that alone were not enough to make me fall head over heels in unrequited love with Jim Caviezel, he had to go and be damn gorgeous to boot. Lord All Mighty, I am a cooked goose. I mean, just look at those blue eyes! Never have eyes so inspired such a great number of clichés. You could swim in them! They are as deep as the ocean! They are like windows to his soul! [Insert more unoriginal comments here.]

Oh, and it just gets worse from there, guys. He's extremely athletic, he's tall, he's broad-shouldered, he's got great hair, he's got unique facial features (not classically gorgeous like, say, Cary Grant is, but gorgeous in his own original way). And, morality and looks aside, he's one of the best actors of his generation (in my own completely biased opinion). I mean, I hate to say it because I'm sure he'd just roll his eyes and blush, but this man, THIS MAN. IS. PERFECT.

One of the other things I truly appreciate about Jim Caviezel is the fact that he hasn't made that many movies yet. Why is this a good thing in a Boy? Because it means I can rent just about everything he's made and watch it all in a weekend. Which I did. About two weekends ago. To assist me with the descriptions and you with the reading, I've decided to create a little chart for you about the films featured in my recent Caviezel Festievel:

The Thin Red Line The classic war novel turned into a pretty bizarre, award-winning "film" ('tis indeed a "film"). Jimmy plays an intense, somewhat disturbed soul trying to do good in a place full of bad.


Angel Eyes Pretty enjoyable little romantic drama about a female cop (played by J. Lo.) who is rescued one day by an intense, somewhat disturbed soul trying to do good in a place full of bad. Good angsty kissing scenes (my favorite!). And also, Jim's character has a really cool name ("Catch"). Definitely worth a rental, despite the fact it's a bit on the excessively cheesy side.


Frequency EXCELLENT mystery about an intense, somewhat disturbed cop who stumbles across a way to communicate with his father (future Boyfriend Dennis Quaid) 30 years in the past when he himself was just a boy and his father was still alive. Seems like a shiny, happy thing at first, but then Jim's character says something that changes the way his father acts, which in turn changes the way the future plays out. And they soon discover they must work quickly and together to try to stop the result -- the murder of Jim's character's mother by a serial killer still at large in the present day. Extremely suspenseful and well-done. No fan of either actor ought to miss this one.


Ride With the Devil

Jim has a pretty small part in this one, playing a Confederate officer during the Civil War. The real stars of this one were ex-Boyfriends Ang Lee, who directed the film and Tobey Maguire and Skeet Ulrich, playing two young soldiers whose lives are forever changed by the war. I really enjoyed this movie and, being a sucker for all things Civil War related, it inspired me to run right out and rent all of "North and South." Oh man, was that ever fun! I hadn't seen that in a really long time (and I'd never seen Book II, which was even better, in my opinion). Yes, it's true, I watched 12 90-minute episodes (Book I and II together) of an old cheesy TV miniseries starring Patrick Swayze. And what's worse, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

So, if Patrick Swayze shows up as a Boyfriend soon, you'll only have Jim Caviezel to blame for it. I mean, whew, he is just SO cute as Ory Main, with that really awful mullet and the incredibly charming Southern accent (not to mention those rippling biceps). Ooh, yummy. Yummy yum yum yummy.

Oops, got off track here. In "Ride," Jim plays Black John, an intense, somewhat disturbed soul yadda yadda yadda.


G.I. Jane

Okay, while we're on the subject of dirty little secrets (it's true -- I [heart] Patrick Swayze!), I might as well also confess that I LOVE this movie. Again, however, Jim just has a small role in it, playing a womanizing jerk in SEAL training with Demi Moore. He comes around when Demi kicks some arse, but all in all, this role is quite a departure from the norm for Jim. He even says the word "tampon," which I'm pretty sure he has never said in any other movie he's been in. I bet it took a few takes before he could say it without blushing, darn cutie.

AND, as if that weren't enough, we also get to see him in nothing but those white boxer shorts military men all wear (hey, I come by that information honestly -- my Dad's a Marine and I've seen his laundry). And though ex-Boyfriend Viggo Mortensen looks TERRIBLE with his icky Navy mustache (you'd never see that 'stache on a Marine, ooh rah!), this is still two hours of giddy goodness for me. I find it very inspiring. Someday I too hope to be able to do one-armed push-ups. Just like GI Jane. I also wouldn't mind sleeping in a cot next to Jim Caviezel for a few weeks, just to bring this back into focus. Ahem. Sorry, Jims.


The Count of Monte Cristo This is Jim's latest release on video, and it's just as wonderful as I hoped it would be. It's the age old story about an intense, somewhat disturbed soul trying to do good in a world full of bad. Although, I suppose one could look at killing one's nemesiseses (tip of hat to Buffy fans) in revenge is somewhat less than noble. For example, dear reader, I don't think Miss Manners approves of that tactic. However, when you find out what those jerkfaces did to Edmond, you can't really blame him for it. And it DOES all work out rather well in the end. Nice scenes of Jim topless, I might add. (Though, Jim, I sincerely apologize for adding that. I'm incorrigible, everybody says so.) And, of course, it co-stars ex-Boyfriend Guy Pearce, though he has really bad teeth in this movie. Oh, and also, he's a bastard. Can't have everything (where would you put it?).


Man, was that all you ever wanted to know and more? I could've just summed it up like this: I saw lots of his movies and they were all great and he is really cute and sweet and nice. But then I couldn't have gotten that stuff about Patrick Swayze in there, you see? There is indeed a method to my madness (or vice versa, I suppose). Anyway, if you want to acquaint yourself with Jim Caviezel, I highly suggest the movies I just listed for you. You might want to skip the 12 episodes of North and South, though, depending on the kind of time you have available these days (it greatly helps to get sick, by the way -- makes it easier to forgive yourself for being such a lame couch potato). Oh, Ory! You can rescue me from the evil clutches of Justin LaMont ANY TIME YOU WANNA. *Swoon*

Because this is getting so long, let me just offer a really quick biography about Jim and then get you on your way. James Patrick Caviezel (a great name, if I do say so myself) was born in Mount Vernon, Washington on September 26, 1968 (see how perfectly I have timed this? Method, madness, all that. Happy Birthday, Jim!). He grew up in a very tight-knit Catholic family and his religion has been important to him all his life. Initially, his dream was to become a basketball player. But an injury in high school, coupled with the awareness that while he was good, he wasn't great, led him to leave the courts and look around for his true calling. He decided to take a stab at acting and tricked casting agents for "My Own Private Idaho" into believing he was an Italian immigrant so he could land a small role in the film. He was successful and the film inspired him to apply to Julliard for more formal acting training.

However, before he could accept Julliard's offer of a scholarship, he scored another small part in the film "Wyatt Earp" (did I just call that a "film"? I take it back!). Julliard wouldn't let him back into school after his hiatus, but hey, who needs them anyway, right? Besides, everybody who knew Jim knew he was a gifted mimic with a solid heart. He made people laugh, was a hard worker who never quit, and had all the right priorities. Though times early on were tough (he did his fair share of waiting tables and being rejected for parts), when Sean Penn suggested to Terrence Malick that he take a look at Jim for a part in his new film "The Thin Red Line," Malick agreed, met with Jim, and was blown away. Jim ended up with a lead part in the movie, which definitely was the film that put him on the map, so to speak, in Hollywood.

Since then, Caviezel has been steadily filling up his resume with solid roles in decent films. But he's never let the fame go to his head. Instead, he's consistently let his values lead him when he makes choices, put his family first, and, dare I say it? "Tried to do good in a place full of bad." And for that, ya just gotta love and respect him. Well, for that, and also for his incredible good looks, masterful talents on-screen, and that soulful, soothing voice of his. His wife, a teacher from Roslyn, WA (where "Northern Exposure" was set), is one lucky, lucky lady.

For a great article on Jim Caviezel, including more biographical and personal details, check out the link below to the Seattle Times (where, coincidentally, another Jim I'm crazy about happens to work -- my spouse!). And if you can read that article, watch those movies, and STILL say you aren't madly in love with him, then, to be frank, YOU NEED THERAPY.

MacGyver Factor Score: 99.587%. Points off because he's married. No wait, I LOVE that he's married. Points BACK because he's married. Hold it! Points OFF because he's married! Points back! Points off! Back! Off! Back! Duck season! Wabbit season! FIRE!

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