The Boyfriend of the Week

This week's update is a short one, so just hang in there a sec.

Last weekend I went home to visit Mom and we saw the BEST episode of Due South EVER. It's the two-part finale from the first season called "Victoria's Secret" and it's got everything you could possibly want: kissing, Fraser with no shirt, Fraser crying over a girl, girl turning out not to be someone we envy after all. The girl doesn't get killed (like the girls do in MacGyver, one of it's most endearing qualities), but she doesn't stick around to kiss my boyfriend all the time either. It was just great. Find it. Watch it. Rewind to the kissing part and watch it again.

Okay. Time to pull myself together.

This week's boyfriend is waaaaaay too young for me. Okay, wait, I'm not THAT old. But he does play someone who's only 16 on television -- I have no idea how old he is in real life (too lazy to check, let's just pretend he's at least 18). Anyway, he's James van der Beek but we will henceforth only refer to him as "Dawson" from the WB t.v. show Dawson's Creek. Now, I'm sure some of you, like my Mom, are thinking: what's "Dawson's Creek" and when did YOU start watching it? The answer is, I only started watching it about three weeks ago when baseball started to preempt 90210. And now, I tell ya, I ain't going back to Fox at 8pm on Wednesday ever again. It's like 90210 when it first came out and everyone was young and cute and in high school. Except on Dawson's Creek, everyone is younger and cuter than I remember the 90210 cast ever being. The plots are about the same, but I missed those old high school trials and tribulations anyway. Plus, the BEST part is: there is no moon-faced, evil, slutty VALERIE on Dawson's Creek. Hurrah!

Actually, I watched an episode or two of the show last year but I didn't like it. Mostly because I thought it was totally unbelieveable that Joey and Dawson were still having sleep-overs (sleeping in the same bed, no less) at age 16. Like anyone's parents would allow that -- I am SO SURE. But this year, Joey and Dawson are dating! And so they don't have those sleep-overs anymore. Though now, no doubt, they wish they hadn't mentioned that kissing stuff they were doing to their parents. Shoulda kept it secret, kids, if you wanted to keep going with the hanky-panky on weekends.

Also, last year I thought Dawson was really dorky-lookin' and not too bright. This year, however, I think Dawson is really dorky-lookin' and not too bright too, but somehow, it matters less now that he's revealed himself to be a romantic. I hope all you dorky dumb guys out there reading this are paying attention here -- you can still get the girl if you are CHEESY enough. Keep that in mind! Though we often profess to hate it, secretly WE LOVE CHEESE. Remember this and you will never fail.

There's actually another really good boyfriend on the show -- the guy who plays Pacey (whose real first name is Joshua, which is a name I really like). Pacey is actually a better boyfriend for me because he's cuter AND he's got a nutty sense of humor. But I already had the Dawson picture and I just don't feel like putting out the effort this morning to track down a Pacey one. So, watch for it. It'll show up here eventually, I promise! Meanwhile, enjoy the picture of Dawson. He's no Constable Fraser, but he's endearing in his own way. And I love the fact his last name ends in "Beek" -- look at that nose! It's perfect!

MacGyver Factor Score: 92.5%. I was tempted to take more points off just because he's, what, 8 or so years younger than I am. But then I remembered that lots of twenty-somethings play characters that are in high school on t.v. He could be my closer to my age than I think. So, Dawson, babe, if you're old enough to vote, please give me a call. We'll go on a date! And I promise not to complain if you take me to a beautiful spot by the water to smooch and it's too cold outside for it. That Joey sure can be a wimp, can't she? I'll bring an extra sweater -- don't you worry.

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