The Boyfriend of the Week

Well, this is timed unfortunately. I should've done this boyfriend BEFORE he quit the show. Damn you, Jimmy Smits, what will I do without you?

Surely you've all heard by now. The wonderful Jims is leaving (has left) NYPD Blue. And being replaced by Rick Schroder, who will never be anything but "Little Ricky" to me no matter how grown up he gets. Remember "Silver Spoons"? I used to LOVE that show. But Ricky still looks just like he did then and that was about 15 years ago!

Eh, he'll never be a Boyfriend, that's for sure.

But Jimmy -- now he's got the stuff I'm looking for. And the weird thing is, twice in my lifetime, I've fallen for him too late. The first time was when L. A. Law was on. Everybody watched that show but me! And as soon as I started to watch, Jims was gone. And the show was gone. And, darn, I said. Now NYPD Blue has finally gotten really good (I only started watching regularly this last year when I saw Jimmy was a regular. The only episodes I'd seen before were during the David Caruso Years (TM) and I hated it) and *KAPOW* my sweetie's taking flight. Will I never learn? PAY ATTENTION, MEG!

What I like about Jimmy: (as if I need to explain this to YOU, my loyal fans) he's cute! And smart! And he's the Good Cop but he's still a tough guy. Plus, I loved that he and that lady cop got married. Aw, schucks, he's just such a sweetie!

So, I'm going to have to get cable, I guess. NYPD Blue is on every night on the FX channel. I could survive on re-runs. In fact, someday I hope to have my OWN cable channel -- one that plays re-runs of all my favorite shows. Quincy, NYPD Blue, Due South, MacGyver, and, of course, Silver Spoons! Wouldn't that be great? Quick! Gimmie Ted Turner's number!

MacGyver Factor Score: 79.9%. Points off for leaving me AGAIN.

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