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November 13, 2002

Well, it's been awhile since this happened -- since I had a write-up planned for the week, all ready to go, prepared, researched, written, hilarious, perfect, and then BAM! Just days before it's scheduled to run, some other guy comes along and, in a coup I can't aptly describe as "bloodless," given its effect on my heart (har!), usurps the title of Boyfriend and takes over the entire site. Kinda like Idi Amin, except with a lot less killing and greed.

Funny it should be this guy, too, because I've actually been madly in crush with John Corbett since high school -- since the days of Cicely, Alaska. The days of Chris Stevens, K-BHR (K-Bear) radio, and "Northern Exposure."

I can't be alone in this -- I know tons of you remember that show and were also totally nuts over "Chris in the Morning" and his quite deadly mixture of philosophy and charm. He was perfect -- deep AND shallow, all rolled into one totally hunky package.

And by that I mean: TOTALLY. HUNKY.

But then I went to college, the show died, I got other interests, and John Corbett kind of disappeared. I kept my 8x10 glossy of him pinned to my bulletin board, where it still sits today, but I really haven't thought much about him since those chilly Alaskan nights we spent together, a gazillion years ago.

Until now.

So, what happened to bring him back to front and center? Why, I took a train trip, of course!

Okay, so, nothing out of the ordinary there. I take train trips regularly -- about every two months, actually. But this time someone was lookin' out for me. Because usually, you see, they show a movie on the train. And usually, you see, those movies are . . . how should I put this? Well, uh, GOD-AWFUL. For example, since I started my frequent train travel, I've been subjected to the following films, some on more than one occasion:

  • "You've Got Mail"
  • "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" (sexist AND a musical! Shoot me now!)
  • "Dragonfly" (Kevin Costner MUST GO)
  • "Citizen Kane" (do NOT start with me on this one)
  • some movie for kids featuring Alec Baldwin in a train conductor's uniform -- nightmarish
  • "A Walk to Remember" with Mandy Moore (cute co-star, vacuous movie)

    Okay, so, yes, the movies have been better lately. In fact, these days, Amtrak has been showing movies that aren't even out on video yet, which is kind of nice. But it's pretty rare that the movie is really something I want to see -- it's hard for me to concentrate on the train because there's a lot to look at and I usually have a great book with me, so for me to truly be interested, the movie has got to be something special. This time, THIS TIME, though, the movie was. . .[drumroll]

    "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

    Okay, so, anybody who pays attention to entertainment news knows that this is the surprise hit of the fall, right? I remember reading about it when it first came out and thinking, "Hmm, sounds good. But, 'Greek wedding'? Nobody is going to see that!" Wonder of wonders, though, the American public has loved it and all I've seen since is article after article about how terrific it is. How funny. How sweet. How authentic and entertaining. How totally, totally great.

    So, of course, I fully intended to rent it as soon as it hit video. Note: I rarely go to movies in theaters anymore because I have literally NO tolerance for rude people and there seem to be a lot of rude people at movies these days. All crammed into one tight, small place. It's just too much for me. I just can't handle it. But hey, renting movies works just fine, though I know it frustrates some of you guys when I tell you I can't feature such-and-such for at least six more months until his movie comes out on VHS. Helas pour you, non?

    Anyway, the fact MBFGW happened to be the movie on the train, after weeks of getting "PLEASE feature John Corbett!" emails, just seems like some kind of cosmic sign. Don't you agree? Kismet? Fate? Boyfriend Deity Divine Intervention?

    Okay, so, for those of you living under rocks, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a pretty sweet romantic comedy about a Greek woman who meets and falls in love with a non-Greek man (John). The two decide to get married, but, of course, major culture-clash ensues, along with much silliness and Windex. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it was pretty darn fun for a train movie, and I'd happily see it again someday should the opportunity arise.

    And not just because it's smart and funny. The appeal has a lot to do with John Corbett -- go figger. Because he's not only TOTALLY gorgeous, but he also plays the kind of man we all can't help but love. The kind of man who responds to the girl saying apologetically, "I was having a frumpy day when you first saw me" with, "I don't remember frumpy, but I do remember you." Or something to that effect (I neglected to take notes on the actual dialogue -- shame on me. If you remember what the lines actually were, please email me!). He's Chris in the Morning all over again, but dressed more professionally and not quite as apt to wander off on conversational tangents. Chris in the Morning, but all grown up. Yum.

    Now, as much as I failed to notice, John hasn't actually been totally invisible since Northern Exposure, though. And I can't believe how many things I've seen him in that I forgot he was in right afterwards. For example, the movies "Volcano" and "Tombstone," which I recently rerented for a bit of a Corbett refresher course. Though I've seen "Volcano" about 4 times and "Tombstone" more like a dozen (one of my all-time favorite movies), I had NO recollection of John being in either one. Why? Because I am a dork. And also because there were many other Boyfriends in those two movies who were all clammering for my attention at the time (Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, to name a few). But as I watched them again, paying closer attention this time, I realized that John Corbett is just ALWAYS really likeable. No matter what kind of character he plays, he's almost impossible to resist. Because he's got a bit of a twinkle in his eye -- even when he's playing a bit of a baddie. It's a twinkle that says he's fun, he's clever, and he likes you.

    And, of course, that twinkle comes attached to a six-foot, four-inch body that makes me all lightheaded and silly. My holy heckfire, those are the greatest shoulders I have EVER SEEN. I would kill for five minutes alone with those shoulders.

    Of course, I have to also mention the fact that John Corbett was in a sci-fi television show called "The Visitor" that I'm sure a lot of you guys watched and loved. But that's about all I can say about it because I only saw the pilot and it didn't do much for me. I didn't realize then what I realize now -- that I'm madly in love with Johnny. Had I only known, I'm sure I would've paid closer attention. Honest. Maybe someday I can make it up to him. I'll have to check the web for reruns. Feel free to drop me a line if you loved the show and think I totally blew it by not tuning in. Just be gentle, alrighty?

    Okay, a little biography about the hunkiest Boyfriend alive this week: John Corbett was born on May 9, 1961 in West Virginia. He spent most of his life there, until he moved to California to find work in a steel factory. He worked there for six years, until an injury forced him to come up with a new plan. Right about that time, he had also started taking classes at the local city college and when a friend invited him to sit in on a drama class, he agreed. While watching the class do its thing, he was invited on stage to work on an exercise and immediately became captivated with the whole acting thang. Before he knew what had hit him, he was performing in several college theater productions and his teacher, impressed with his obvious talent, was encouraging him to pursue a career in Hollywood.

    At first, he started off in Hollywood the way most would-be actors do -- with odd jobs. But it wasn't long before he landed some parts in commercials (over 50 national spots, actually) and then got his big break in TV with a guest role on the highly acclaimed series, "The Wonder Years." It was his part on "Northern Exposure" that really made him a star, though -- a part for which he received both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

    After the show ended, Chris had several small parts in films like "Tombstone," "Volcano" and "Serendipity." In the meantime, he starred in "The Visitor" on primetime TV (though that series was pretty short-lived). The next role that really got him a lot of attention was his part as "Aidan Shaw" on HBO's "Sex and the City," but I've still never seen more than a few episodes of that show, seeing as how I don't got no HBO.

    And now, with MBFGW, the words "John Corbett" are once again a household name. May it bring him even bigger and better parts. Preferably shirtless. ASAP.

    A little trivia: John is a licensed hair stylist (is that rad or what? I ALWAYS need a hair cut!). He plays the guitar and the piano. He loves softball, basketball, shooting pool and "swimmin' with bow-legged women" (a line he stole from "Jaws," which only makes me love him even more). Also, he's part owner of the Fenix Underground, a club in my hometown Seattle, though I will admit it's probably my least favorite place to go for a drink in this town. No offense, Johnny.

    Next up for John Corbett is "The Griffin and the Minor Canon," which looks like it might be a cartoon movie of some sort (couldn't find out much about it). Then he'll be showing up in a television movie called "Lucky" (coincidentally both the name of my cat and what the name "Joss" means in Chinese). In that one, he plays a compulsive gambler, Michael "Lucky" Linkletter, who is trying to regain his life after losing a million dollars and his wife. Sounds promising. And, as we know, even when he's not playing the nicest of characters, that twinkle will make us forgive just about any transgression.

    So, if you aren't a fan yet, it's time for you to get to work. Rent the movies, catch the reruns, head to the theater for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." And don't forget, if, because of me, you become a HUGE John Corbett fan and begin stalking him incessantly, before you get arrested, score me an autograph? Thanks!

    Picture of John Corbett

    MacGyver Factor Score: 98.9978%. The reason for this extremely high score is two-fold. One: he's cute. No, I mean, REALLY cute. Two: he's tall. No, I mean, REALLY tall. Don't bother talking to me this week -- I'm going to be in a love-induced stupor for the next seven days (at the very least). Goo goo gah gah bah bah bah.

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