The Boyfriend of the Week

This week's Boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, literally came to me in a dream. About a week ago, the night after I'd put Sam Shepard up, actually, I spent the whole night in dreamland with Josh's Dawson's Creek character, Pacey Witter.

Oh, happy night.

All we did was hang out and talk, though, nothing steamy. But I do remember there being a rather nice bottle of merlot involved and I also remember feeling a little anxious because, well, I wasn't exactly sure if Josh was over 21 yet and I didn't know how to ask delicately. Always a stickler for rules, even in dreamland, I guess.

But rest assured, Meg! He is! (But just barely).

So, the next day, I went on the web to see what I could see. I've only just started watching Dawson's Creek this year, after finally giving up on 90210 in a fit of aggrevation (I couldn't watch it without yelling almost constantly at the tv). I like Dawson's Creek, despite some of its inconsistencies. I like that it's gutsy but responsible. I like that it reminds me of where I spent my own early high school years (Newport, RI).

And, I like Pacey Witter!

When I found a little biography of Joshua Jackson, though, I realized exactly WHY Josh had come to me in a dream. Destiny! You probably don't realize this, but Josh has a connection to both of my all-time favorite boyfriends: MacGyver, and Constable Fraser! Did you know Josh was ON an episode of MacGyver once? Can you believe it?! I'm sure I saw it, though I wouldn't have noticed Josh at the time, of course, because I didn't know who he was and I was probably too busy checking out MacGyver's butt again. But, whadda combination! If you know which episode it was, email me with the information and I'll send you a fabulous prize!

The second connection is a good one too. Guess where Josh is from originally. Come on, think "Constable Fraser"! Yup, that's right! He's Canadian!

So, you see, it's fate. Kismet. Il destino!

Plus, there's one more coincidence. Click here to see what it is.

Now, let's talk about Pacey Witter. I like Pacey even better than Dawson, as I hinted a few months ago when I made James van der Beek a Boyfriend. Pacey has more depth than Dawson, though I'm sure neither of them would agree with that. He's funny, too. Funny is good. Very, very good. But he's also screwed up a little, which makes him my type. I wish I'd seen the episodes during and after his affair with the teacher because I'm not sure exactly what happened and I can tell it affected him a great deal. I'm intrigued! If you want to fill me in, email me!

For all his teenaged sexual screw-ups, though, he's still a gentleman. Did you watch the last episode? Wasn't it great when he told what's-her-name he wanted to wait until she was ready, too? I'm sure a lot of parents were horrified when they watched that episode, but it was actually a fine example of what I meant when i said the show was both gutsy and responsible. If only all teenaged boys were like Pacey Witter in that situation. It'd sure save all us girls a lot of mental torture.

Anyway, that episode also made me yell at the tv (oh, hell, might as well admit it -- I talk to the tv!). But instead of yelling my 90210 yell ("Go to hell, you moon-faced rat!") I yelled, "Yay, Pacey!" and felt a whole lot better than I've felt after the 8 o'clock Wednesday hour in a long time.

Watch it!

MacGyver Factor Score: 97%. Points off because, well, babe, you're a little too young for me. I mean, it's the old double-standard in action, right? When I was 21, I was dating a 25 year-old and all was cool. However, I suspect I'd get teased a lot for dating a 21 year-old boy now that I'm 25 myself. Especially someone who was still in high school on tv. I'm not taking too many points off, though, because I don't put a lot of stock into silly social conventions. And, well, hell, now I've probably insulted you and you won't call anyway. Sorry, Josh. Maybe I should've taken the points off for listing "Good Will Hunting" as one of your favorite movies. I would have, too, except that coming from you it just sounds so cute and idealistic. I think you're fabulous. Call me! I'm in the book!

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