The Boyfriend of the Week

April 13, 1999

Okay, confession time. I spent a great portion of Saturday on the web trying to find a good photo of the young version of the Boyfriend I had originally planned to put up this week. But I failed. MISERABLY. That's not the confession, though. The confession is this: in a weak moment in line at the local grocery store, I picked up People Magazine and started to flip through it. Lo and behold! A story about the Brat Pack! I tossed the magazine into my basket and read the whole thing as soon as I got home. Which put me in the mood for a little Molly Ringwald. So I went to the local video store and OH NO! The Breakfast Club was checked out!

Um, so I BOUGHT it instead. And then I watched it three times in a row.

Yes, I am now the proud (SO proud) owner of my own copy of a John Hughes movie. And there goes ALL my cool, right out the window. However, I have to tell you, I STILL love that ridiculous movie. Almost as much as I love Pretty in Pink. Don't tell my friends. I'm begging you.

Anyway, anybody who loved The Breakfast Club loved this week's Boyfriend the best out of the whole cast. Judd Nelson played bad-boy John Bender, a smokin', spittin', cursin' delinquent. Exactly the kind of guy your momma told you to stay away from. Which is why, I'm assuming, we all fell in love with him instead. Sorry, Ma.

The problem again, though, is that there just isn't much on the web about Judd. The young Judd, anyway (I refuse to look at Suddenly Susan web sites, just in case anyone is looking over my shoulder). I got the picture above from a Breakfast Club web site, after finding only one site out there completely about Judd Nelson, which was described as "NOT a fan site" and is, indeed, mostly Judd-bashing.

Which is understandable, considering his miserable career, but not something I feel I ought to support.

However, I don't actually mind the picture above, though it's a bit fuzzy, because it's a good shot of his best feature -- his nose. I love that little flare at the bottom. Why on EARTH is that sexy? I dunno; I certainly can't explain it. But it is, don't you think? Plus, ya gotta love a man who's so quick with the snappy one-liners ("Does Barry Mannilow know you raid his wardrobe?"). Not to mention the fact that he's tall and well-built and broad in the shoulders. Hubba Hubba!

This is all referring to the younger Judd, though. I really can't stress that enough. I've caught glimpses of the present (I won't say "old") Judd Nelson and it's not a pretty site. His hair is cropped short (yick) and he's put on about 20 pounds (mostly in the face, as near as I can tell). Not that a little chub isn't sexy, but where's the criminal I fell in love with? Who is this suit-and-tie wearing, hair-gel using, responsible adult?

I hate it when people grow up. Especially when I fear the "people" might be ME.

Anyway, go rent The Breakfast Club; it's been too long since you've watched it and you're starting to forget all the lines.

MacGyver Factor Score: 82%. Points off for respectability.

IMDB page on Judd Nelson (a list of movies you probably shouldn't bother renting, unfortunately.)

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