The Boyfriend of the Week

July 12, 1999

Last week, I got to go see a free sneak preview of the new movie "Stir of Echoes," which coincidentally stars this week's Boyfriend Kevin Bacon! Okay, it's not really a coincidence at all. I was half-way through the film, which was scary but fun, when it suddenly occurred to me that Kevin Bacon is really pretty damn good Boyfriend material.

And like magic, he has appeared. Chicken and egg. Egg and chicken.

Anyway, after the movie was over, I started thinking a little bit more about Kev and I realized that I honestly can't say I've seen a BAD Kevin Bacon movie. This is unusual for Boyfriends -- I can usually pick out at least one terrible movie the boys have been in at some time or another, usually due to no fault of their own. Okay, now it's true I haven't actually SEEN all his movies, so it's entirely possible that some of them stink. But of the ones I have seen, I can't say any of them have been godawful or unwatchable.

Not bad, huh? I think that really has far more to do with Kevin's talent for holding my attention than with the scripts themselves -- for example, the new movie "Stir of Echoes" was actually loaded with quite a bit of cheesy and predictable stuff I would've told them to take out had I been in a test audience instead of a sneak preview audience (when will they catch on to this and get me in sooner??). Yet I didn't mind it as much as I might've had the star been somebody less, uh. . .like Kevin Bacon! Way ta go, Kev!

So, pick a Kevin Bacon movie, ANY Kevin Bacon movie! Ya can't go wrong. Can't think of any KB movies? Click here to get a list! And when "Stir of Echoes" is released in theaters for real, you might as well check it out. It's not a "film," of course, but it sure gave me the willies. If you like being a little bit creeped out OR if you don't MIND being a little bit creeped out as long as you get to see Kevin Bacon with no shirt on, this is the movie for you.

MacGyver Factor Score: 96.7%. This score is completely arbitrary. You wanna fight about it? You gotta get loose! Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes!

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