The Boyfriend of the Week

Hmmmm, the last boyfriend, apparently, did not go over too well. Most of you couldn't understand what in GOD'S NAME anyone would find attractive about TOMMY LEE JONES, and I can understand that. In your shallow little minds, people with big deep wrinkly faces are totally unattractive, right? Well, just keep watching. Soon I'm putting Lance Henrickson up here too, wrinkles and all, and you guys can just go bitch somewhere else. MORE FOR ME.

If you have a problem comprehending this week's boyfriend, the great Kevin Spacey, then I not only do not understand YOU, but I don't like you much either. Take that! Because nobody, NObody, could not like Kevin Spacey. He's not only dreamy on the outside, but lord a'mighty, the man can act.

I waited a loooooong time to put Kev up here because I swore I'd never make him my Boyfriend officially until I could find the picture of him that first made me take a second look. I didn't even know who Kevin Spacey was when I first came across the picture you see above; all I knew is that it was a really cool photo and the guy was kinda cute. It actually took me years of fan-dom before I connected the name with the photo in my head (I'm sure it came to me at a really inappropriate time, too, like right in the middle of "Seven" or something. Kevin Spacey walks onto the screen, essentially right at the climax of the film, and I blurt out, "OH MY GOD, KEVIN SPACEY WAS THE GUY IN THAT PHOTO I USED TO LOVE SO MUCH!" Kinda like when I first saw The Empire Strikes Back and yelled, "He sounds like Grover!" when Yoda came on-screen. Very embarrassing).

Whoops, I just totally lost my train of thought. (choo choo!)

Anyway, thanks to a friend with an incredibly boring job and nothing better to do all day but fulfill my information needs, I finally got a hold of this picture. Look at it. He's amazing! Not just cuz he can sit in a stool and balance a tea cup on his knee, either. But just everything. This picture tells you all you need to know about Kevin Spacey. He's gorgeous and he's talented. And he is the same season as I am, color-wise (Autumn!).

I should mention a few movies of his that I've particularly enjoyed, right? Have you noticed that Kevin is never typecast as anything? He's so talented, he can play ANY part. So here is the list of the Top 5 Kevin Spacey movies I like, along with the part he played:

Oh wait, I'm not really doing well with the "see, he's never typecast" argument, am I? But wait! In The Ref he didn't play a bastard at all! I swear!

Oh hell, I don't need to convince you! You love Kevin Spacey! I know you do!

MacGyver Factor Score: 98.6. Those of you who are mothers recognize this score as normal human body temperature. This is in NO WAY an attempt to signify that Kevin Spacey makes me feel "normal" or to say that I do not get really warm and blushy whenever I think about him. Because I do. Kevin Spacey gives me FEVAH, ladies and gentlemen, but I do have to deduct a few points for something. I'm not sure what, but it'll come to me later. Oh right, two words: Consenting Adults.

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