The Boyfriend of the Week

Wow, I hope you guys REALLY liked Peter since he was on her for about 5 weeks. I'm still recovering from surgery, see, and I'm not really doing as great as I'm sure MacGyver himself would hope I were. But, I'm hanging in there and that's really all that counts, right?

So, I'm going to keep this kind of short; I'm a lefty now and NOT a very good one. The new boyfriend, the man I've been thinking about for 5 weeks now, is. . .ta da! Lou Diamond Phillips! I'm sure this comes as quite a surprise to many of you, especially the two people who asked me just last night who was next and got a different answer. And, I have to apologize to the gazillion of you who have submitted requests, too, because NO ONE requested Lou. Yet here he is anyway! What, you must be thinking, am I thinking? How could I snub my fans like that?

It's not a snub, really. I have taken the requests seriously (no, really!) and agreed with all the ones that weren't Hanson or other teenage rock stars. So keep watching -- your man will show up! In the meantime, however, take a long look at Lou. This isn't actually the picture I wanted; I wanted a picture of him as Jim Chee in The Dark Wind. But, beggars cannot be choosers and I've settled for long haired with autograph instead.

The Dark Wind is a Lou movie I didn't catch first time around. It's based on a mystery by Tony Hillerman and Lou plays Native American officer Jim Chee. It's good; go rent it. And while you're there, pick up Stand and Deliver because it's been too damn long since you've seen it. You can rent Young Guns too, but don't let any film snobs see you doing it. I confess to a terribly embarrassing weakness for Westerns myself, though, so you can tell ME all about it instead.

Now, what I like best about Lou is his voice. It's smooth and dusky, kind of like smoke. I've always been fascinated by Native American cultures as well and, until recently, you couldn't get much in the way of film about them unless you stumbled across a movie starring Mr. Phillips. Now with Sherman Alexie's new film, Native Americans may finally get their feet in the door to filmdom -- and it's about time. Let's hope there's a boom of films by and about their history and culture and that they all star Lou Diamond Phillips!

MacGyver Factor Score: 96.5%. I deducted points only because he agreed to be in Young Guns II but secretly, I've already forgiven him for it.

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