The Boyfriend of the Week

The idea for this week's Boyfriend came to me last Monday morning while I was watching "The Practice" (taped from the night before) and working out on the Stairmaster in my living room. First of all, I LOVE THAT STINKIN' SHOW! Warning: that means it will soon be cancelled. But secondly, I've been too busy noticing Dylan McDermott and I realized I was missing out on another kind of cutie -- the Jimmy Berluti kinda cutie.

Hey, that rhymes.

Now, I remember very distinctly how I felt when Jimmy got shot last season. Ooo, the icredible heartache! But I thought it was just because I had already discovered that Jimmy is a big sweetie-pie and who wants to see a sweetie get shot point-blank by a scuzzy punk? Not me! I was wrong, though -- I think I've been in love with Jimmy for a long time now. Why? Because he's the underdog! How many times have I said before that underdogs are my favorites? Jimmy is not just a sweet guy, though, he's also a really talented lawyer. His colleagues keep doubting him whenever he's in charge of a trial and he keeps winning anyway! Why? Because juries love him. And why do juries love Jimmy? For the same reason I do -- he's REAL.

I mean, he's fictitious, actually. But I try to forget that every Sunday when I watch the show. You all know what I mean, though, right?

I mean, wouldn't it be great to be Jimmmy's girlfriend? I bet people would take you aside a lot and say, "Jimmy? You're dating JIMMY? But . . . WHY?!" That's just the kind of situation I would love because then I could smack those people and say, "DUH! He's a SWEETIE!" Hul-lo, people! Dating gorgeous hunks with attitudes only gets you so far. Dating a sweetie can make you feel like a million bucks. And I should know, cuz I'm dating a sweetie right now.

Though he probably couldn't out-argue Tony Danza like Jimmy can.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, Jimmy Berluti is played by Michael Badalucco. And I really like that last name a lot, Mikey. It would sound really good attached to MY name, as a matter of fact. Meg Badalucco. Meg BAD-alucco. Meg Bada-LUC-co. See? Sounds good. I don't know much about Michael, but I do know that Robert De Niro loves him (in fact, he cast him in "Raging Bull" because he liked him so much). Also, he's been in about 35 bazillion movies I've seen and I can't remember him in any of them. Weird, huh? Probably because he played lots of drivers or mean guys and I'm not interested in either type.

Not that I have anything against drivers. I mean, I don't like driving myself so I guess I kind of probably might even NEED a driver. Hmmm. . .Alas, I digress.

Look, I don't have much else to say about Jimmy/Michael. You gotta watch the damn show to know what I'm talking about anyway and if you're already watching, I probably don't need to be telling you how great Mr. Berluti is. And it's okay just to love the character and maybe not necessarily the man himself. I gotta take the time to know Michael. I can just assume lots of stuff about Jimmy. That's the good thing bout fiction -- you get to fill in the blanks yourself.

MacGyver Factor Score: 97.6%. Not only can the man beat you in court just by being himself but he's also got really nice hair.

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