The Boyfriend of the Week

February 16, 1999

This week's Boyfriend is someone I suspect only a few people will recognize. And that's because the rest of you aren't watching Stargate SG-1. Let's hope it's just because you didn't realize it's not just on Showtime anymore, otherwise won't you be embarrassed to find out you're missing an hour of cute guys every week? Pay attention! It's on regular television now! Twice a week in Seattle (the same episode, true, but two chances to catch it!) and at least once a week everywhere else I've checked.

Michael Shanks plays know-it-all Daniel Jackson on the show and it actually took me a few episodes to shine on to him. The whole "James Spader" thing he does started out a little rocky and a lot disconcerting. But now he seems to have settled into the role a bit more. He still does an uncanny impression of Spader, but it's more secondary than in-your-face. And the best thing about it is that you get to see a little James Spader AND a little Michael Shanks all wrapped into one very attractive package. Usually, Spader plays characters I detest but am insanely attracted to. It's kept him from being a Boyfriend so far because the whole mental battle is just too much for me to handle effectively. But here we get to see a James-Spader-esque cutie play a very un-James-Spader-esque character. It's a nice combination.

However, it's rude of me to keep comparing Michael to James, isn't it? Because Michael, as I said before, has settled into the role now and is letting a little more of himself come through. It's a very nice self, too. He's cute (I believe I've mentioned that already) but he's also, as Daniel Jackson anyway, smart and naive and romantic. Naive romantics are a lot of fun to be around and to watch. You can usually count on them to make lots of mistakes in the name of love and to care about people a little bit too much. This ultimately results in them living the life of an underdog. And you guys know I have a thing for underdogs, right? Daniel Jackson is such a sucker, he could hardly be anything BUT an underdog. And that's perfectly okay with me. You throw a beautiful woman at him and he might blink. Throw a beautiful woman in a predicament at him, however, and you've hooked him for good.

So, watch Stargate SG-1, for pete's sake. Or at least for Meg's sake. As if having MacGyver as the star weren't enough to make it unmissable, it's got this big cute softie in it too! Tune in Saturdays for a double-dose of good-lookin' and smart Boyfriends in uniforms!

MacGyver Factor Score: 98.4%. Now, I bet you guys were thinking I'd deduct big points for that hair, weren't you? After all, it's got all the qualities I dislike most in male hair -- it's thin and straight and it hangs in his face. However, I'm only taking a point and 6/10ths because not ONCE have I seen Michael Shanks flip those bangs out of his face, a la Leonardo DiCaprio. I haven't even been aware of him pushing them away with his hand, either, though that'd probably be really sexy coming from Daniel Jackson. His hair's too long, but it doesn't hang in his face and become his biggest prop for quirky mannerisms. He's got his hands full of quirky mannerisms just doing James Spader, right? Who has time to perfect the head-toss bang-flip on top of all that? Way ta go, Michael. Your hair has failed to annoy me! I love you!

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