The Boyfriend of the Week

April 18, 1999

This week's Boyfriend won't look familiar to most of you (but he ought to look cute to ALL of you). That's cuz he's a local boy, which actually is getting me into semi-dangerous territory, here. See, Pete Krebs is a Portland, OR native and he's in Seattle a lot and a couple of my friends know him personally (though I've never met him). You may not be aware of this, but my policy is generally to avoid featuring "real" people as Boyfriends, so as to also avoid embarrassing myself by ever actually running into someone who's been featured and knows it.

Because, I mean, can you think of anything more scary than actually having to TALK to the person you have a crush on? I may LOOK 25 years old, but I'm still 13 on the inside. Which is what makes me so much fun to be around, no doubt. (Tee hee.)

However, most of the people I know who know Pete are too busy hanging out with him (can you blame them?) and being rock-stars. So, I think I'm safe. For now.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the question you all want the answer to is: okay, so who's Pete Krebs? Pete Krebs Pete Krebs Pete Krebs, how best to describe thee? Pete is a musician and he's been in a couple of really great bands, one of which, his old band Hazel, was rapidly on its way to replacing The Pixies as my favorite band in the world. . .and then they broke up instead. Now, 'tis true that The Pixies ALSO broke up. However, first they made a zillion records. Hazel only made two full-length ones, and two just isn't enough. Though they both kick serious butt.

Hazel was a pretty great band. And Pete was the center of it (at least in my world). Both singer and songwriter, he created some of the best tunes I'd heard in a loooong time around here (actually, one of the things setting them apart from a lot of other local bands was that you could actually HEAR the lyrics behind the song, which I truly appreciate). But they broke up after some ugliness while on tour in Europe, then spent their last show in Seattle bickering onstage instead of playing music (which was amusing at first and then INCREDIBLY annoying (sorry, Pete)). Pete didn't disappear, though, thank god. He went on to do a bunch of super-cool solo stuff, most of which is bluegrassy and sweet and, well, it just makes your whole night to hear it. Especially if you're at a live show in a dark place and Pete's a few feet in front of you and it's not too hot and nobody's shoving anybody and you haven't had too much to drink yet (have too much, he might lull you to sleep, which is never a wise thing to be lulled into while at a live show in a dark place). The mood, the sound, (the sight -- look at those glasses! He's such a cute dorky-lookin' guy!), etc. etc. etc.

You get the picture.

My recommendation for your first Pete Krebs experience would be Hazel's first album "Toreador of Love," which used to feature the band nekkid on the cover (but only from the waist up -- see below) and now I think features a picture of Fred jumping around (Fred was the band's official "jumping around on stage guy" -- he was a grizzled middle-aged weirdo who just hung around on the stage while they played and jumped around or took off clothes and put them back on or tried to get the band to play "Where's Fred?" with him, etc.). There's not a song on the album that isn't fannnnntastic and if you don't agree, please do me the courtesy of NOT emailing to tell me so. Egads, the mail some of you people send me! Truly, don't you have anything better to do than tell me I suck?

After you love Hazel, go see a Pete Krebs show. Then discretely slip him my email address and tell him to write to me. If he called me on the phone, I'd probably pass out, and approaching me after a show would probably kill me on the spot. There's just so much cuteness I can stand in person, you know? And Petey's so cute, he's dangerous! But a nice, happy email that was all sweetness and grace (and no, "Hey, you got this detail totally wrong, you stooge!") would really make me happy. And making Meg happy, as we all know, is one of life's little pleasures. A happy Meg is a good Meg. And a good Meg is a good world. Um, or something.

MacGyver Factor Score: 96.5%. Points off for. . .for. . .I dunno. Okay, okay, maybe I'm just a little bit bitter about the whole Hazel break-up. But, I loved them! And they didn't even try to work it out! No counseling or anything! Just SPLITS-VILLE! It ain't fair! *Sigh* For once, couldn't one of my favorite bands go on forever and ever? Why is it always the bands like U2 that make it instead? There is no justice! None! Bargh!

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