The Boyfriend of the Week

Okay, back to the boyfriends. Just a couple of newsy-things first, though. To start, I want to thank all the new readers who have been submitting surveys and saying really nice things about this ridiculous web page I've got going. What a thrill to be thought of as so entertaining! It's nice to know I can make someone besides myself laugh. Second, as you may or may not know, I'm getting surgery on my right hand June 8th -- that's in 9 days! So, since I'll have a fresh incision in one hand and a still-healing incision in the other, the boyfriend feature may die for about 4 weeks. That would be an excellent time to catch up on all the old boyfriends and start hunting for news about Due South on the web (see the Where's Fraser? contest below). I'll be back in July, however; never fear!

But enough about me, let's talk about Peter MacNicol!

This week's boyfriend is one of my all-time favorite underdogs. Right on up there with Albert Brooks on the geekiness scale, that's for sure, but for him, it's REALLY just acting! He's Peter MacNicol, goofy lawyer John Cage on tv's Ally McBeal but the reason I know he's just foolin' is because he's done more than silly television, folks. He's even co-starred with Kevin Kline in one of the only serious Kev movies I've really thought was fantastic: Sophie's Choice. If you haven't seen it, you're missing a side of Petey that you need to know about. Plus, I just love the way Meryl Streep says "Stingo."

Ah, but his ridiculous side is fun, too. I first noticed it when I saw the abominable Ghostbuster's II where he pays that dorky little accented freaky guy who keeps hitting on Sig. Weaver's character. What a dweeb! But it was so charming! Then from that to a rather boring few years on Chicago Hope. Yuck. Not that HE was boring, necessarily, but that show! Ick! I hate it!

Oh boy, though, I cannot get enough of Ally McBeal and it's not just because I love torturing my boyfriend by making him watch it with me, it's also because I just LOVE Peter's character on that show. Not only is he comical, but he's also a real inspiration. His patience with his own shortcomings, squeaky shoes, nose whistles, etc., his ridiculous tactics in the courtroom, and his incredible calm in the face of humiliation -- it's just incredible. Makes me feel like I'm not half the goofball I thought I was and besides, even if I am, who the heck cares? John Cage is adorable in a very passive way, if you know what I mean. He's exactly the kind of person I like to be around -- the kind of person that exudes so much self-peace it's contagious. Be who you are! Who cares if it means you'll never get a date!

So, that's why he's the boyfriend this week. He's a sweetie. That's really all it takes to get me going these days. Enough with the brawn and good-looks! All I want is a boyfriend who makes me feel calm and happy. Ah, Peter, you are a delight. Long live the underdog!

MacGyver Factor Score: 98.9%. Pretty high, huh? That's because I'm in the mood for spending lots and lots of time with no-pressure people these days. You try having surgery a few weeks before you get your Master's Degree and see how nuts it makes YOU!

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