The Boyfriend of the Week

June 13, 1999

Six months ago, I not only never would've thought this was possible, but I also actually SWORE that it would never happen. However, I am here now to publicly announce that I WAS A FOOL. Ricky Schroeder is a total hunkazoid and he's a damn good actor ta boot!

Earlier this year, as you are probably aware, Jimmy Smits' character on NYPD Blue was killed off and he was promptly replaced with an actor most of us really only knew as "Little Ricky" from that show we all watched in grade school called "Silver Spoons." Well, I was pretty mad about the whole no-more-Jimmy-Smits thing and hearing that he was being replaced by Ricky ("Call me Rick now, for god's sake") Shroeder did NOT make me feel a whole lot better. What's he going to do? Ride that little train he had on Silver Spoons around the precinct and whine about how his arcade-style video game isn't working? Little rich snobby brat!!

I watched it anyway, though. And despite the fact I desperately wanted to hate the Rickster, I FAILED MISERABLY. Not only did he grow up extremely nicely, but he's really talented! Go figure! After the first two or so episodes, I hardly remembered Jimmy Smits had been on the show at all! Ricky's character is mysterious and tough, not to mention darn cute. But, as we saw towards the end of the season, he's also incredibly well-mannered (he did apologize for smooching Diane, after all) and a little bit of a softy deep down inside. Sure, he's a tough guy, but he's also got a lot of sweetie potential.

He just needs the right girlfriend to help him develop it. Um, ya know, someone like ME.

Six months ago, I was pretty convinced Rick would be the end of NYPD Blue. How could that show possibly go on without Jimmy Smits?? I was wrong, though, folks. It's not only gone on, but it's gotten better. Ricky has depths ready for exploring and I, for one, am looking forward to the expedition!

Plus, we've already gotten to check out his butt. And while it was nothing special, it was pretty acceptable. It's nice to know these kinds of things in advance. There's nothing worse than being surprised by a bad butt.

MacGyver Factor Score: 95.8%. Points off for not letting us call him "Ricky" anymore. You're not THAT grown up yet, Mr. Shroeder.

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