The Boyfriend of the Week

My guess is half of you are saying "Who's that?," a quarter of you are saying "Robbie Coltrane?! Are you blind?!" and the other quarter of you are Cracker fans.

Okay, okay, I bet that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I can't be the ONLY Cracker Mysteries fan out there! And plus, it's not the only thing Robbie's done. It's the only SEXY thing he's done, though.

Cracker mysteries is a BBC production shown on A & E here in the states. For those of you without cable (moi), you can rent them at some video stores (Rain City Video here in Seattle, Blockbuster, oh - check the library too). In it, Robbie plays Fitz, a f orensic psychologist addicted to booze, cigarettes, gambling, and making people feel uncomfortable. But I'll tell ya, there's something really sexy about a man who can read your mind. When Fitz looks at someone and immediately pinpoints exactly what makes them tick, I start thinking "Hubba Hubba."

It's all tied to that secret desire we have hidden deep down - the one that screams "PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME!" We never just put it that way, of course. We're always bogged down with denial, excuses and facades. But it's there anyway. And when someone actual ly DOES it, reveals to you that they know you're full of shit, for example, well there's something about that that feels good. It's a relief.

Not to go on and on here, but this is what makes me fall in love with people. My current sweetie can read me like a book. There's no point in trying to fake anything - he'll see right through. That's the only kind of partner I can stand. The others take too much work.

And besides, to know me is to love me. To think you know me is often also to love me, but it's no way to get me to love you back.

So that's why Fitz is my boyfriend this week. I've been watching the new episodes lately and finally stopped to think - hey, why don't all those women (and I) HATE this big lout anyway? He's overweight, he chain-smokes, he's broke, and he makes people cry ! What is our problem?!

It's the mind thing, I figured out. We just can't resist anyone who doesn't require an explanation of motives.

Freud would have a field day with this one.

MFS: 83.7 %. Points off for being a big drinkin', smokin', womanizin' lout.

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