The Boyfriend of the Week

May 10, 1999

This week's Boyfriend serves a dual purpose. The first, and most obvious, is that he's cute and therefore is here for you to fawn over all week. The second, and more subtle, is an attempt to draw a little attention to a great TV show you're probably NOT watching.

Seth Peterson plays Robbie on NBC's Friday night hit show Providence. Because I really love this show, it has about a year to go before it's cancelled. UNLESS a zillion other people love it too. And you should! And here's why:

First, there's the fact it takes place in the state I still consider "home" -- the lovely little state of Rhode Island. And though it's set in Providence, little pieces of my hometown Newport show up from time to time (they aren't fooling the natives with those location switcheroos! I'd know that bridge anywhere!). Of course, if you've never been there, maybe this isn't enough of a reason for you to start watching. You won't laugh when the mayor's marinara sauce wins the Bite of Providence cooking contest, sigh when you see someone drinking a Del's lemonade, OR nod knowingly when Syd starts worrying her boyfriend might be connected to the mafia. Ah, Rhode Island. How I miss you. You and your grinders, coffee cabinets, and dropped r's.

However, aside from location, the show's also got strong characters (including the only woman Constable Fraser ever loved. . .AND her dead mother!), an intelligent and interesting plot, and lots and lots of cute guys.

Which brings me back to Seth Peterson. Seth plays the main character's trouble-making little brother. Now, the picture I found of him isn't really a good one -- he's much more adorable when he's smiling (and yes, he's got a crooked grin too. Did you doubt me even for a second?). He's not really handsome, though. He's just CUTE. And on the show he plays a pretty easy-going, somewhat drifty bartender who hits on a lot of women and tells a lot of wisecrackin' jokes. What I like about his character is that even though he's a troublemaker, he's trustworthy and relatively dependable. Not to mention extremely loyal. And creative, funny, kind, polite, crazy, and a lot of fun. Plus, he just fell in love and had his heartbroken, and that makes him an underdog.

Long live the underdogs!

Anyway, my point here is that you ought to give the show a try, people. It's quirky and smart and fun. And therefore, unfortunately, far too good for American television. I give it one more season before it's ripped from the networks and banished for good. I'm jinxed! It stinks!

MacGyver Factor Score: 92%. 80 points off for not wearing a helmet when riding his motorcycle. 72 points back for living in Rhode Island.

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