The Boyfriend of the Week


February 28, 2000

Now back to the serious hot-stuff actor stuff. This week's Boyfriend is probably best known (now) as Syd's boyfriend in the first "Scream" movie. (See, I give nothing away, for those of you who have not yet seen it.) And actually, "Scream" is the first movie where I really noticed Skeet Ulrich, who is far too young and cocky for me, but whom I still cannot resist. (Addendum: he's actually 3 years older than I. Oops.) I think the main reason for this is that his looks and demeanor on-screen remind me a LOT of Johnny Depp, who was my biggest teenage heartthrob back when I was a heartthrobbin' teenager. Had a poster of him up on my wall. Used to smooch it before going to bed. Watched "21 Jump Street" faithfully every week, even when it started to stink (after they lost Peter DeLuise, also a supreme cutie).

Ah, the good old days. . .

Am I alone in this, though? Doesn't he look a LOT like a younger Johnny Depp? And who can resist JD? Oops, I just realized he has not yet been made a Boyfriend of the Week. I guess that means *I* can resist him, huh? No, it's really not true. Just an oversight. I will remedy that ASAP.

I feel it's okay to compare him to Johnny because an interview I read with Skeety said his greatest fear was being compared to Keanu Reeves, not Johnny Depp. And that's a fear I can understand, though it's a comparison I can't see. All this aside, I like Ulrich a lot, and not just cuz he's a pretty face.

Don't believe me? Did you know Skeet has a college degree? And he minored in marine biology, of all things. While he was in school, he started working as an extra on productions to make a little money to pay those tuition bills. Soon he was hooked and switched his major to theater, transferred to NYU, and proceeded to impress the pants (figure of speech) off David Mamet.

Skeet spent a couple of years acting with Mamet's Atlantic Theater Company and then, in about 1996, made his breakthrough into film. In one year, he was in "Boys" with Winona Ryder, "The Craft" with Neve Campbell, "Last Dance" with Sharon Stone, and "Albino Alligator," Kevin Spacey's directorial debut. Oh yeah, and a little film called "Scream" that proceeded to impress the pants off just about everybody.

Of the above, I can say I'm a big fan of "Scream," a minor fan of "The Craft" (which I just saw last week and enjoyed, though it ain't no "film"), I haven't seen "Boys," and I thought both "Last Dance" and "Albino Alligator" weren't worth the $3 rental fee. (Sorry, Kev.)

Now, when I first saw Scream and The Craft, I had no idea that Skeet Ulrich minored in marine biology and worked with David Mamet. I just thought he was a sex pot, so to speak. And that was really all it took to get me interested (on some levels, I am still very shallow). However, I have to say that now that I know Ulrich is a smartie too, I am holding on and not letting go. So stand back, girls. Meg is on the loose!

Everybody kind of thought Skeet would instantly turn into teenage droolfodder after "Scream," but the truth is, he kinda disappeared instead. Made a couple of dogs ("The Newton Boys," e.g.) and then did some indie movies. Had a bit part in "As Good as it Gets," but I don't remember his part in that at all, which probably says something about just how "bit" it really was. Where is Skeet Ulrich? I demand to know! Bring Skeet back! Bring him back now!

Skeet. That reminds me, want to hear where the name came from? Skeet was born with a totally boring and sissy name (like "Brian") and the reason was because he was a totally boring sissy (I'm not making this up). He was born awkward and sickly and spent most of his childhood getting pneumonia and looking pale. When he was 10, he had open heart surgery, and it just doesn't get any more sickly than that, I'm afraid (although, truthfully, you can't be a sissy AND survive open heart surgery, so that says something about the tyke right there). Skeet was a little guy, but, he soon discovered, he was a FAST little guy. He joined a couple of sports teams and just blew the competition away. He was nicknamed "Skeeter" by a baseball coach (little fast mosquito, see?) and the name stuck, eventually being shortened to just "Skeet." Rumor has it, he was offered a position on a professional soccer team, but got in a fistfight with a ref and was tossed out on his ear. I don't know if that's true, but it IS true that he doesn't have the finest manners in the world. During an interview with "Details" magazine, for example, he stood up half-way and peed off the roof of the building he and the interviewer were sitting on.

Real charmer, that Skeet.

Bad watercloset habits aside, the guy sure has what the French call "je ne sais quoi" (translation, "I dunno what" -- the French can be SO profound at times). I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a lengthy film career for Skeeter, and also hoping that one day soon, he will again appear in a film without a shirt on.

MacGyver Factor Score: 98.6%. Someone recently commented on the fact that a scale in which nobody ever scores below the top ten percent is not much of a scale. I've actually thought about that myself, to be honest. But, listen, if it's keeping you up at night ("Gad, WHY can't Meg make a more useful scale? Why doesn't she redo that complicated mathematical formula she uses to calculate the MFS numbers so that the numbers have more of a variation? WHY? WHY?"), think of it this way instead: Yes, the scale is from 0-100% (of MacGyver-ness), but the REAL scale is from 1-10, solamente in the 90's range. Following me here? So, just try to forget the first number of the score (the 9) and only look at the rest of it. This ought to help with that nasty mathematical-frustration-induced insomnia. Ya geeks.

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