The Boyfriend of the Week

As usual, a few updates before I get started.

First, it looks like there may not actually be a new Due South season after all [insert wail and sob here]. My extremely gracious Canadian correspondant sent along a videotape of what was touted as the first episode of the fourth season, but it was really just a re-run from last year. I bet the Canadian television people just didn't want to reveal the truth for fear of riot.

Also, Channel 11 got tired of my emails and sent me the following letter:

Dear Ms. Wood,
Our contract covering this series has expired and it is no longer available for local syndication as Turner Broadcasting has purchased all syndicated rights to the show.
But, it can still be seen in Canada and on cable. Hopefully you have cable as it would be cheaper than having to defect to Canada.
Best regards,
Kathleen C. Walker

Thanks, Kathleen! It was bad news, but at least it made me laugh.

Never fear, though. My mom is still here! And she's been taping every episode on TNT for me and mailing the tapes when they're full. What a thrill! I missed the early episodes, too, so they're still new to me. Needless to say, it was a VERY good weekend. . .

But, back to the beau.

This week's Boyfriend needs neither introduction nor explanation. I mean, who could NOT love Steve Martin? Even when he's kind of annoying (like in "The Jerk") he's still cute as a button. And he only gets better as he gets older.

The other cool thing about Steve is that he's more than comedy. He was great in "Grand Canyon" and I've heard only raves about his performance in David Mamet's "The Spanish Prisoner" (which I'm hoping to see this week at The Crest). Yes, he's more than just a wild and crazy guy (you knew I was going to work that phrase in somewhere, didn't you?), but it's really his comedy that makes me adore him completely. All I have to do to giggle is just LOOK at Steve Martin. That face carries with it so many ridiculous associations that I can't see him and NOT smile. Plus, I love those little crinkles and smile lines. He's got a kind face and I'm a sucker for kind faces.

When I was in junior high, I listened to one of Steve's old record albums EVERY MORNING. It was the perfect way to prepare for the really unfunny experience of the seventh grade. I have to admit, however, I didn't get his jokes about diaphragms until I was older. As a grown-up, I have a few favorite Steve Martin movies that I watch at least once a year, sometimes even more. Gotta love "Parenthood," for example. And "Father of the Bride," too. Actually, there's a theme there -- I like it when Steve plays a really confused and angst-ridden family man. What could be more real and more hilarious than seeing him get puked on? Seeing him go ballistic in the supermarket because of the number of buns in a package compared to the number of hotdogs?

Can't leave out "L.A. Story," though. Even though he doesn't play a dad in it. That movie is just perfect. Ridiculous and silly and a whole lot of fun. But also, as much as I hate this word, pretty "thoughty." Steve's good at making you think while you're laughing. That's just about the best combination of personality traits I can think of.

So, I know he was once married to what'shername from "L.A. Story." Are they still together? I think I remember them breaking up. Which makes me both sad and happy. Sad because I hate to see a marriage fall apart. But happy because, um, well, like, HE'S AVAILABLE! A date with Steve would be a date to remember, I'm sure. Though I'd probably just sit there in shock, only able to rattle off his own jokes from that damn record album, most of which I still have memorized 11 years later.

I love you Steve Martin! You and your wonderful premature gray!

MacGyver Factor Score: 99.7. 0.3 points off because he doesn't have a pocketknife OR a catchy theme song like MacGyver. But that's the only thing keeping him from being the perfect Boyfriend. Steve Martin is a keeper, yessirie bub.

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