The Boyfriend of the Week

I have a very important update for this week. Now, lots and lots and LOTS of you have been sending me messages asking me to feature Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as Boyfriends. And all along I've been thinking, hmmmm, maybe I will, but first I really think I ought to see that movie everyone's been talking about, "Good Will Hunting." Right now I feel pretty neutral about them, but I hear once I see that movie, I will be so crazy for them I'll forget Ben made that Dean Koontz movie completely and not notice that Matt looks just like an ex-boyfriend of mine (the two things previously casting doubt upon their potential Boyfriend-ness).

Okay, so, I rented the damn movie, finally. And, I really hate to say this because I usually don't like to offend people and I know a ZILLION people loved it, but I didn't really think it was that great. Sorry! God, I'm so sorry! It wasn't that unique, first of all. Each little plot aspect reminded me of another movie I've seen.

For example: