The Boyfriend of the Week


October 11, 1999

This week's Boyfriend is an oldie-but-goodie kinda guy. It's a timely selection, too, because Terence Stamp's new movie "The Limey" opened in theaters last Friday. But if you've never experienced Stamp before, do yourself a favor and start somewhere else.

"The Limey" wasn't all that great, unfortunately. It was a little too stylized, though there were some places where I thought that worked pretty well (most of them early on, before it started to get old). Seemed sort of slapped together -- more like it was just an excuse to show off Terence Stamp, both now and then. (The "then" coming from some interwoven scenes from an early Stamp film, "Poor Cow.") However, I don't actually have a problem with that because no matter what he's got to work with, Terence is a very pleasant thing to look at for two hours. And Terence "then," doubly so.

I've seen a bunch of other Terence Stamp movies and I've always liked him. For example, there's the CLASSIC Western "Young Guns" (okay, okay, it's not a classic, but it's still great!). Or the more obvious "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." Or you can go back even further in Stamp's career and check out the eerie William Wyler film, "The Collector," in which Stamp plays a butterfly collector who decides to switch his focus from pretty bugs to pretty girls. Despite the fact that his character is totally and completely insane, I have to admit that when I watch "The Collector," I find myself muttering things like, "Hey, Terence Stamp can kidnap me ANYTIME HE WANTS TO."

I think it's the eyes.

And, of course, the great cockney accent ("I want you to fall in love wif me!"). I'm really a sucker for accents. It's actually kind of embarrassing because it's so disgustingly stereotypically AMERICAN to be in love with accents. But I can't help it. I mean, I don't even care if the accent is so thick I can't make out a single word (not a problem with Terence, but occasionally the Irish throw me for a loop). Gad zooks, as they say. Get a grip, Meg!

I'm sure you know what I mean, though. Most of you guys are Americans too and you cannot deny that when you hear a foreign accent, you are intrigued. And NOT because you are interested in cultural heritage. You are interested in cute guys with cute accents who use cute little turns of phrase like "I want you to meet me mum" or, even better, "I want you to meet me bum"!

Whoa, that's kind of crass. Where did that come from? I apologize.

Anyway, I've gotten totally off the subject here. The point I'm trying to make is that Terence Stamp is damn sexy. He's got a masterfully chiseled face, a great voice, and absolutely marvelous head of white hair. He's aged rather nicely, to be honest. I think I actually prefer him now over him then, though he sure did have a great bum back in the 60's.

If you want to meet Terence, check out the IMDB page on him. Pick a movie, any movie! But skip "The Limey" until it's out on video.

MacGyver Factor Score: 97.2%. I have to take a bunch of points off for being old enough to be my gran'daddy. But I'm putting a bunch of points back on because it looks like he's about to be in a movie about Mars. Movies about Mars are even more fun than Westerns!

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