The Boyfriend of the Week

September 13, 1999

This week's Boyfriend is one of the funniest guys on television today. And he sings, too! If you don't recognize Wayne Brady, then it's because you haven't been watching "Whose Line is it Anyway?" And if you haven't been watching, SHAME ON YOU! It's terrific!

Little known piece of trivia: the show started out about 12 years ago as a BBC radio program (just like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"!). It quickly moved into television, though, and I first saw it in high school back when it was on the Comedy Channel. I thought it was hilarious! I told all my friends to check it out! I even made my mom watch an episode (I think her comment at the time was, "Hey, that guy looks like Doogie Howser!", referring to Ryan Stiles, who really DOES look just like a taller, sillier Doogie). The show consisted of a bunch of comedians up on a stage playing improv games -- you know, just like you had to do in drama class. Only they were amazing (and you were terrible)!

Anyway, I watched it a lot in high school and then went to college and forgot all about it. So I was pleased to see it last year when it showed up on network TV here in the great U. S. of A. Yay! It's here! But I was worried -- who would they have on the cast? Any of the old regulars?

Answer: yes. In fact, many of the old regulars are still kicking around on the show. And up there with them is this week's Boyfriend Wayne Brady! The old regular guys are incredible, of course, and they all tie for second place this week on the Boyfriend roster. Wayne is the victor because that guy completely steals the show every time he gets up and sings. He's just amazing, people! He can get up and toss out a song about ANYTHING. Tsunamis, bus drivers, fixing a sink, anything! And the best part is that he's not only able to think of the words, but he's also got an incredible voice and a remarkable talent for impersonation (his Michael Jackson brings down the house!)

Wayne makes me laugh two kinds of laughs -- the one you laugh when something is the funniest thing you've ever heard, and the one you laugh when you absolutely cannot believe your ears. When they roll the opening credits of the show and I see Wayne's on, I get a little buzz of excitement in the pit of my stomach. Had a bad day? Let Wayne take over! He'll make you laugh like you haven't laughed in faaaaar too long.

So, if you aren't watching the show and you like funny stuff and ridiculous improv -- tune in! It's on Wednesday nights and Dawson's Creek is still in reruns. Get it in gear, people! You need to watch this show!

MacGyver Factor Score: 98.7%. Can you imagine going on a date with someone like Wayne Brady? Wouldn't that be the most incredibly entertaining date of your LIFE? Yee-haw! Go Wayne!

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